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Reception - Mrs Matthews 

Welcome the Reception Class Page. Supporting Reception is Mrs Ridgeway.

This term we are finding out about the transport we use in Gorseinon and in the wider world.  We will be learning new songs, poems and reading stories around the topic.  


We will also be looking at. 

   •How vehicles have changed through the years, and sorting them into old and new.  Linking this to how we change through the years. 

- Finding out how the children of Pontybrenin travel to school and persuading more people to walk to school. 

   •People who help us in our community - and the vehicles they use to do this.  

   •RVE - Celebrations in our community - how do we celebrate and how do others celebrate?

   • Welsh - we are learning the names of different transport

   •Science - looking at friction. Looking at different textured materials and seeing which material allows the car to go faster?

Home Learning

Click on the link to visit the Busy Things Website. This site has fantastic educational games for all areas of the curriculum.

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